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foresthouseeyes's Journal

Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery
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Charity Auctions of Donated Items to help a friend
Check out the community user information for directions on posting auctions.


This Community is set up only for auctions to benefit foresthouse. She's undergoing experiemental eye surgery that her crappy insurance won't pay for. If she doesn't get it, she could loose her sight. And that would stink, you guys.

She got the first surgery and is healing wonderfully well: her second surgery is scheduled for December 29. That means it's time for another round of auctions! We need to raise about $4000. We have a couple of months to do it. We are going to have one round of auctions that end on January 15, one on February 15, etc.

Please don't choose other dates, because this is pretty complicated for me to track as it is.

If you can donate directly, please do - her PayPal address is emilyesse(at) gmail(dot) com. If you can donate an ITEM, please do. And please try to have the auction end on Jaunary 15, February 15, etc. If you can't do anything else, PLEASE spread the word.

If you want to help, post your offer directly to the community, including as many details and/ or photos as possible. Make sure to include:
- your closing date (give each auction at least a week - remember the IDES OF JANUARY!) - ALL AUCTIONS END AT NOON EASTERN USA TIME ON THE STATED DATE!
- your delivery date (especially for handmade items)
- your starting/ minimum bid
- your shipping conditions, if item is to be shipped (Will you ship worldwide? is shipping extra, directly to you? Will you cover shipping?)

When the auction is over, each winning bidder will paypal foresthouse directly and provide a receipt and address to me. I will forward that information on to the person who has donated the item.

Items you might consider donating:
- a batch of your granny's favorite recipe brownies
- fic
- user icons/ layouts/ other graphic services
- any kind of handmade crafty things
- the sky's the limit! Use your awesome imaginations.
All donations are made at the risk of each person - both donated items and money. I don't know either the bidders or the sellers so I can't provide any kind of surety that you will get your item!

The first bid should be made in a comment. All subsequent bids should reply to the first comment. When the auction is over, payment will be due directly to the donation address above. When you have made payment, forward your paypal receipt to me. I will get it to the seller.


---First, send paypal directly to emilyesse(at) gmail(dot) com as a GIFT.
---Then, either 1. Forward the receipt or 2. a screencap of the receipt to me at foresthouseeyes (at) yahoo (dot) com.
---MAKE SURE you notate which auction you are paying for with this donation. If it's more than one, please list them.
---Finally, make sure there is a valid email address that you actually check included with your email (if you don't check the one you use for paypal, like me), AND give me your shipping address IF NECESSARY.
---I will forward your contact information to the seller.

Thanks so much, you guys.