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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

Quick Check-in
trixie lounging
I had my left-eye surgery today - obviously I am pretty much still in drowsy groggy recovery stage, and also the eye buuuurrrrrnnnnsss, precious, it BUUURRRRSSSSS. BUT! after a good night's sleep I will go tomorrow morning for my post-op, and they will check to see that everything's healthy, and I am sure it will be so (because the buuurrrrnnning is normal after the procedure; it hurts, but it's not worrisome, is what I'm saying). Anyway!

So that's the brief news on the surgery, although my doctor also tells me he is sending me a photo he took during the procedure (!) where the yellow of the riboflavin and the blue of the UV light were giving me a glowing green eye, suitable for convincing onlookers of superhero powers. So if I receive THAT in email...I may just post it here, if it's not too scary. Hah!

In other news, my college roommate has offered to donate a hand-knitted scarf for auction, so I will be posting that for her shortly. Bless! :) It sounds like a lovely scarf.

Auction: Another Hand-Knitted Fourth Doctor's Scarf
As it is Christmas, the time for giving, I am knitting another scarf. It is not dissimilar to the one what I auctioned off here. I started it on Thursday, so it's not quite done yet.

It shall be ready by the close of the auction, on the 15th of January.

Shipping available worldwide, and paid by me.

Knitting needles, posters, and kick-ass corset not included.

Bidding starts at $20.

Knitted goods of your choosing
Do you want a "cunning hat" like Jayne's? Or your very own TARDIS socks? You can have one (or a pair...)!

I knit! And I will gladly knit for YOU. Hats or scarves...if the bidding goes high enough I will do socks or gloves as well, if requested. Or more than one hat, etc. Shipping in the US is included; if an international bidder wins I do request that you pay for shipping. Please allow at least 2 weeks for items to arrive, longer for socks/gloves. I will keep in touch with the winner!

Please tell me your requested item, the color(s) you want, and if you have a certain pattern in mind. Also, if you want it to be machine-washable, are allergic to wool, etc.

Here are a few examples for your perusal. PLEASE NOTE: All of these items are already gone; I can make you a copy if you love something or custom design something for you.

Gloves - Real gloves, fingerless gloves, mittens, gauntlets with no fingers, whatever!
The gloves I made for the Saving Snow's Sanity charity drive, worn by the happy recipient.

Hats - with or without extra colorwork pictures, ears, earflaps, patterns a-plenty...the possibilities are endless.
A simple kitty-eared hat.

Nemo and shark-eating-your-head hats. Grumpy child not included.

Colorwork hat with earflaps and long ties.

Reversible beanie. I can do any kind of image on there; it will be exactly reversed on the other side and double-thick for extra warmth.

Socks - Made to fit your feet. Loads of options including the TARDIS socks mentioned above...I did not make those but I can make you some that are the exact same!

Simple chevron pattern in color-changing yarn.

Weaving ribs pattern. Kitty not included (the shipping would eat your bank account!)

Bidding starts at $15 for one hat or one scarf.
>$40 = 2 hats OR 2 scarves OR 1 of each OR 1 pair socks OR 1 pair gloves
>$60 = 3 hats OR 3 scarves OR 2 pair socks OR 2 pair gloves OR some combination of all of them. Or a baby sweater or something. WHAT YOU WANT.
If it goes higher, I can discuss further with the winning bidder.

Bidding ends January 15 at noon.

Membership is moderated to reduce Russian porn spam.

What a PITA.

Anyway, if you want to be added, please request membership AND MENTION FOREST HOUSE'S EYES. Once you have a membership, you'll be able to post and reply.

(no subject)
foresthouse has scheduled her left eye surgery for December 29. That means it's time for another round of auctions! We need to raise about $4000. We have a couple of months to do it. We are going to have one round of auctions that end on January 15, one on February 15, etc.

Please note that ALL auctions end at noon eastern time and ALL auctions will end on January 15. This will make it a lot less complicated for me to track. I will close all auctions, too.

Plese check out the Community's user profile before posting auctions or bidding. If you'd like to donate directly, there's information in there for that as well.

If you can't donate or bid, please spread the word!

Thanks, guys!

Keratoconus Update the Ninth: I Should Have Posted This Already!
trixie lounging
Hi everyone! In case you are curious, I have finally gotten around to posting a (lengthy, sorry) update on my eye situation. It is here.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful lead-up to the holidays and keeping warm in the chilly weather! :) Wishing many blessings on all of you in this holiday season!!


Great News from the Eye Doctor!!
trixie cheer
Hi everyone!

Well, I went in for my (approximately) one-month check-up with the eye surgeon today, and came out with some great news!

1) The primary goal of this procedure was, quite simply, to halt the progression of a disease for which there is currently no cure. This clinical trial is the next best thing, though, as halting the process at least means it won't get worse.

That goal has succeeded! The doctor said in my right eye, the progression has been halted! What's even better, the hoped-for corollary benefit, that the procedure strengthens and re-builds some of the bonds linking the layers of the cornea, thus flattening it a bit (from the steepness caused by the keratoconus) is happening too! The doctor can see a decrease in steepness in my right cornea!

2) What's even cooler, another hoped-for corollary result, that the vision improve a bit, is happening as well! (In connection with the above-mentioned regression in steepness.) The doctor tells me that when I came in, my uncorrected vision in the right eye was 20/400. (To give you a reference, if vision is uncorrectable from 20/200 or worse, a person is considered legally blind. Of course mine was somewhat (though not entirely) correctable, but still - that at least gives a benchmark.) Now, it's...DUN DUN DUN...20/70 to 20/80!! Which, while my vision is still very, very bad, is a great improvement! Even though to the naked eye, I still can literally only bring my hand into sharp focus about two inches from my right eye, and everything after that gets blurry, from the tests that were done today I could definitely tell that I was able to focus on more than I have in a long time, and read several lines further down the chart! What this means is that when they do re-fit me for contacts, it will be a lot easier for them to correct my vision to close to 20/20; the increasing failure to be able to do so because of the steepness of the cornea having been one of the impetuses for this procedure in the first place (the other being the discomfort of the lenses). It's expected that the lenses may be more comfortable too with the less-steep cornea.


I asked the doctor whether, now that the cornea is getting less steep and vision is improving, there was a possibility of that reversing (i.e. the cornea getting steeper again due to the disease), and he said that (although it's not guaranteed, as this is a clinical study) they had not seen that happen in cases where the procedure was successful, and that the expectation is that my cornea will either plateau (i.e. stop getting better but not get worse), or (and this is very possible in my case, since this is only a month out) will continue to improve somewhat over at least the next few months to a year. I hope it's the latter! And am eating lots of carrots and antioxidants and getting lots of sleep and putting in lots of eye drops in the hopes of helping my cornea along. :)


Thanks to the fact that the procedure is working in my right eye, the next step is to have it done in my left eye, which of course also has the keratoconus. To that end, I am actually going right back to the doctor on Wednesday to have the free evaluation (as I had done for the right eye) to ensure that the left eye is a candidate for the procedure, and talk about setting that up (I am 99.99% sure the left eye will be a candidate, as the disease is not as far along in it as in the right). Assuming all goes well there, I think the earliest I could have the procedure done on the left eye (though I'll have to check with them) would be soon after Christmas; but due to holidays and traveling and the like, I think it more likely I will try to see if I can get it done around or after January 10th/15th-ish.

Thanks to you all in this community (donators and bidders alike!) I have $1,500 put away already of the $4,000 I will need for the next surgery, and I likely have until mid-January or a bit after to try to get the rest together (along with some money to cover the corollary expenses). I am so, so grateful for what I have put away, and for the money that was given to me for the first surgery and covering some of the costs associated with all of this (a lot of missed work, medications, etc.), and most of all:

I AM SO HAPPY IT'S WORKING!!!!! *excited flail* Everyone cheer!!!

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


An update and many, many THANKS. !!
trixie friend
Hi all! I've been trying to keep people updated over on my journal regarding what's going on, but I thought I'd post briefly here, too, since this round of auctions just ended, just to say - thanks so much to everyone who has been involved in this, and/or is offering to be involved in the planned January auction. <3 And thanks SO much to doctoraicha and cleolinda for running and helping with this whole thing. Major props to these two totally awesome women! :)

Regarding the State of the Foresthouse, as it were, my eye is doing pretty well thus far. The doctor said it looks "healthy" despite still being a bit "scuffed and scratched" from the procedure. I am continuing to use all of the medications as instructed (fun fact: putting steroids in one's eye? Causes a bitter taste in one's mouth. ...Yeah. I know). I *can* actually feel that there's something different about it - presumably the healing process and/or it being a little more delicate right now, so it starts to hurt or feel funny if I get tired or whatever - but that's not unusual for this process. I am trying to get lots of sleep and take good care of it!! :) I have another appointment in about 2 weeks, at which point there is a *chance* they'll be able to see if the process has started to work. If not then, they will likely see change, if there's change to be seen, in another couple of months - at which point, if there is positive change, I will schedule the procedure for the left eye. (!!)

Regarding the State of the Foresthouse Finances, I am OVERJOYED to say that thanks to you all, the first surgery has been paid off in full!!! AWESOME. :D Also, I have put $1,500 straight into a savings account for the second surgery. If you are confused as to why it's not the whole rest of the amount that's been donated/raised so far - it is a fact that the donations and these auctions have raised about $8,000 total for me thus far, and that is SO TOTALLY AMAZING I just can't even believe it. Wow. Wow. Wow. But sadly, due to the tangential expenses of the surgery itself (medications, doctor's appointments on workdays, etc.), I've needed to hold back some of that money to cover a few costs now - I think doctoraicha mentioned that, actually. I am trying to absorb some of that so that I can reserve as much as possible for the next surgery, and if possible put more aside for the next procedure soon, but I am sure everyone who's ever had even basic bills to pay knows they don't wait! But anyway, I am ECSTATIC to already have some of the funds for surgery #2 put carefully away for the next procedure, and to have been able to pay for the first surgery, thanks to all of you!! It is such a weight off of my mind to have this first surgery taken care of and be well on the way to covering the next one.

So, once again - thank you, everyone. I can't really express eloquently enough how much all this means to me - and not just the financial aspect, but the wonderful people who have cared enough to help me. And also - wow, the auction items were just so, so awesome and fun to browse through, weren't they? You guys rock!



gentle reminder
internet forever
The auction for these shiny puppies will close thursday 11/11 at midnight. The price is still quite a bargain, get yourself or the one you love something shiny!

Please contact me
Would the following bidders please contact me ASAP regarding payment:


Dr. Aicha

Hi all!

I come bearing awesome news. Including the donations, completed auctions, and auctions yet to be paid, we have just topped $8000 - and this pays for BOTH of Emily's eye surgeries!!


Emily's had about $2000 in donations, $5000 in aution payments (thanks to all of you who topped up your bids when you sent in your payments!!) and there are about $1000 in unpaid auctions.

At any rate, there are $360 in unpaid auctions. Guys, if you can't pay right this minute and need to wait til payday Friday, that's cool - Emily hasn't had the left eye surgery yet the eye repo man isn't standing over her. BUT PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Some auctions ended last Friday or Saturday and some winners haven't contacted me at all. There are $645 in pledged bids, too.


However, Emily is going to have about $5600 in related expenses. I think the best is to let these current auctions end, and do another round in January to help with some of those. What does everyone think? That gives all of us crafty people time to complete items we have to make, and all of us time to get our holiday money from relatives and friends.

A Year Of Postcards
Delphi Sig
Okay, so here's mt contribution (that I can post while in a moving semi).

Mail seems to be popular, so I'm offering up 1 year of postcards. That's one postcard a month, starting in December 2010. If I can manage to stay on track, you may recieve 2 postcards a month, however, you are guaranteed one per month.

What makes this cool?

I'm a truck driver, so I go all over the United States. I can, and do, pick up postcards all over. I will try and mail them from the states I'm picking them up in, but it's equally possible the bulk of them will be mailed out of Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and California, as that's where I have the most mailbox access too. However, I'll guarantee that of the 12 you get, you'll get them from at least 8 states.

I'm setting up 2 lots, and while I don't reallt expect this to be popular, well, it's worth a shot. Everyone loves mail, right?

Bidding starts at $6
End Date: November 14.

Auction UPDATE
Hi everyone and Blessed Samhain/ Happy Halloween!

I'm writing to you from my couch, but I'm wearing my TOS Star Trek Science officer mini dress and watching Ghost Hunters Live!.

I wanted to post an update.

73 78 auctions are paid!

17 12 auctions remain unpaid (but it IS a holiday in the USA, so I forgive you!)

That means NINETY auctions have ended.

Only 18 remain as of right now.

All together, we have raised $4,800 on the auctions, in addition to the $1000 in donations.


Emily STILL needs another $2200 to pay for the surgeries, and, after much prying, I found out from her today that after care, medications, and missed work is going to cost her another $5600. She can absorb some of that, but it would sure be helpful if we can at least raise the rest of the surgeries!

SO, to that end, let's try for another round of auctions to end around the 15th or so. Please don't hesitate or think that the auctions are over!

Auction payments, etc
Hey guys!

56 auctions ended today.

33 19 auctions remain unpaid.
ETA: Thanks to all the people who paid while I was sleeping!!

I know that sometimes LJ doesn't send reply notifications. If you were bidding on any auctions that ended either today or yesterday, please CHECK to make sure you weren't the winner.

I also know that some of you may have forgotten to send me the confirmation. Please do that. I am checking the spam - all emails to the auction address are currently open.

I will be sending reminders to unpaid auctions after they remain unpaid for 2 days.
ETA: Reminders sent to the 10/29 auctions!

If you don't pay within 4 days of the end of the auction, the seller will have the option of selling your item to the next highest bidder.

ETA: If I sent you a DM, please mark it read/delete it so I can send more DMs! :) If you need to keep the information, please keep it offline. I'm totally unable to send any more DMs until you guys pick up the ones I've sent.

ETA2: I've been posting in the threads that auctions are paid and I beg the winners and sellers to send DMs to each other.

I'm so sorry about this situation. Who knew LJ limited the messages you were allowed to SEND?? There's nothing in the FAQs or update pages about it!!

Auction: A Year of Postcards (TLE)
msauvage purple
I can't believe I'm saying this, but: it has come to my attention that people would be interested in receiving correspondence from my dolls. It seems to me that The Littlest Edward would be most interested and would have the best stationery, so I'm volunteering him for the job. As such, you will receive something once a month for twelve months, starting in January 2011. It may arrive in an envelope, depending on what he wants to send and whether I have to transcribe his tiny handwriting for you.

If you want plain, boring postcards that are just from me, a Real Human Big Person, see the previous auction.

Opening Bid: $1
Closing Date: November 6

Auction: A Year of Postcards (Cleo)
msauvage purple
Since people seem to like the Year of Postcards auctions, I thought I would try to do one. I have no idea what kind of postcards I'd like to send, although I may do a combination of "visually interesting" and "related to Alabama." You'll get one a month for twelve months, so I'd like to start sending them out in January 2011, which will also give me time to pick out cards.

There's a reason I specify in the entry title that these are from me. See next auction.

Opening Bid: $1
Closing Date: November 6

bumping the shiny things
Bumping the entry
Cascade crystal earring currently stand at $40, go here and get a great bargain as I normally sell these for $75 a pair.

Do it for the EYES!

ALL auctions....
Please remember that ALL AUCTIONS end at noon eastern time USA.

Individual sellers may have posted incorrect times in their auctions, and I will close them on a case by case basis.


Serious business
Ok, guys, we're coming to a large wave of auctions ending.

This is serious business, now!

Sellers: Please don't close your auctions. I will post on each auction, and comment to the winner. In you close early because you didn't see or forgot that auctions end at noon EST, it causes great confusion on my part on on the bidders' parts.

Bidders: after NOON EASTERN TIME USA, do not bid any more on an auction slated to end that day.

Winners: Please, please, please wait for me to comment to you that you are the winner. Then, follow the user profile directions for forwarding your payment confirmation to me. I know many of you know your seller, but I need to be able to keep track of who has paid and which sellers have been notofied. If you don't follow the directions I won't know if you contacted privately OR just absconded without paying. I won't know whether the seller knows already (put that in your email to me, if you like!)

Serious business is serious. The next couple of days are going to be HUGE days for auctions ended, and it's going to be a lot of work for me. Please don't complicate it by ignoring the instructions.

Auction: Hand-Made (Wizard of Oz style) Winged Monkey Plushie
I had been wondering what I could offer up for Auction, and I have just finished making a plush monkey for my little boy, and realised the potential.

So, I am offering a hand-made winged monkey plushie, complete with little hat and vest, to be sewn up for the winner.

These are pictures of the monkey I have just finished making:

Please note: it was my first time making this monkey - your will be a lot better!

The monkey I will be making will be based on the same pattern ("Mitch the Monkey" from Funky Friends Factory), but in blue plush, with added wings and accessories, to look like this:

The finished piece will be about 12cm high when sitting (which is what, just over 4.5 inches?), but if this auction goes over $100, I will make it double the size.

Auction closes: November 5th

It will take me a little time to complete the monkey, but I will have it shipped before Christmas. I will cover the shipping costs here in Australia, but for shipping to the US or anywhere else, please PM me and I'll work out the cost.

Bidding starts at $20.

Any questions, please PM me!