Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

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Auction: Knitted Cable Hat (Doctor Who inspired)
Eye Rub - cowboyhd
cosmob wrote in foresthouseeyes
This hand-knit hat is based on Wilf's red knit cap that he wears throughout his appearances on the show.

The pattern isn't yet online, so it's something of an exclusive.

There's a lot of give in the knitted fabric, so it will fit most people. And, even though it's fandom-based, it's not innately fannish, which makes it much more versatile.

I will make the auction winner one of these hats in his or her choice of color. The hat will be completed and mailed by November 30.

Shipping within the United States will be free, via Priority Mail. Outside of the US, shipping via first-class mail will be covered.

Starting bid: $10.00

Auction ends: October 30

Remember, the first bid should be made in a comment, and all subsequent bids should be in reply to the highest bid.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
This auction has ended. You are the winner! Please follow the instructions for payment in the user profile. Failure to follow instructions could lead to a delay in receiving your item.


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