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The Amazing Power of Kind People Working Together

Hi everyone!

So you may have noticed that the dedicated and wonderful doctoraicha had posted a few days ago asking people to hold off on posting new items for a bit. The reason for this is that, as I am ECSTATIC to report, thanks to both the most recent auctions and some very generous donations, we have ALMOST REACHED THE ESTIMATED TOTAL COST OF MY SURGERIES AND RELATED MEDICAL EXPENSES!!!!! It's completely and utterly amazing!! I don't even know how to process it! Really!! I am kind of in shock, but SOOOOO happy and VERY touched. EVERYONE, YOU ARE AWESOME.

I do, in fact, have one bill that still needs to be covered (it *just* came in, despite the fact that it was from my very first consultation at the Wilmer Institute, as it had to be processed by insurance even though they (as expected) didn't cover it). BUT I also have one auction item that has been offered to me, that *may* raise about enough to cover that cost. And since I don't want to take anyone's money once the medical expenses have been covered, I figured I'd see if we could try wrapping up the auction with this one last piece, which is to be another original work by a comic book artist. :) I think or hope that it will raise enough to just about cover this final bill and the remainder of any expenses.

Therefore, please STAY TUNED for this (possibly) last item, and also for a medical update fairly soon if you're interested in what the results of the doctor's appointment I will be having this coming Monday will be. This will be a 3-month checkup for the right eye, and the 1-month checkup for the left, and I am hopeful of more good news from the docs!

As always, SO many thanks to everyone who has been involved in this generous effort to help me thus far, and do stay tuned for more very shortly!

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