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Auction: New Worlds SF magazine, #156 November 1965

 Another old magazine from the back of my cupboard. Featuring James Colvin's the Wrecks of Time, Langdon Jones The Music Makers and Richard Gordon's Time's Fool.

Oh, and I nearly forgot - Night Dweller, the second ever publication by the teenage (now non-teenage Professor Sir) Terry Pratchett (OBE). It's sci-fi, and doesn't link to any of his subsequent writings (so far, anyway!)

I don't think this has ever been included in an anthology, so this is the only place to read it.

As an avid collector and hoarder, I have more than one copy of this issue. None is "perfect", all have some minor creases or dings but the copy I will ship is the one I judge to be in best condition of the lot; It has a minor "rub" at the middle of the bottom edge of the front cover but if you would prefer a crease to the cover or a small tear to the bottom of the spine, just speak up!

I will ship anywhere in the world at my expense.

Bidding closes on January 15th.
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