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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

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Auction: Tiny beaded things
Book Love
restlessdreams7 wrote in foresthouseeyes
I will make you your choice of Ten Tiny Beaded Things (what I don't know what else to call them.)

Pictured 1 Mermaids 2 dragonfly 3 Lizard, Starfish, baby tree frog, bumblebee.
Not pictured (because I don't have any examples lying around) Butterfly, Damselfly (which is like the butterfly but with the tail of a dragonfly).Jewel bug (which has wings that are beaded separately then attached.). Large tree frog, and a Fish.
In your choice of colors (the only part that might be hard to customize is the mermaids skin color since so far I've only been able to find bead in white that will work for the head, but I can try to find other colors. No guarantee though).

Auction ends January 15.

Starting bid $5. I will cover shipping.

Your Tiny Beaded Things will be completed by  February 15.

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Can you make me a bee with a magnet on the back for my fridge? I need fridge magnets. $5.

This auction has now ended. You are the winner! Please follow the payment instructions I posted today/ in the auction community's user profile.

This auction is now paid!

It is paid by me. Restless dreams, do you think you could make some as magnets, inspired by Britain? (little wee crowns, tudor roses, Harry Potter things like sorting hats, etc)?

If you can't make a whole ten (because Magnets are expensive and a pain in the rear), a few less would be fine.

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