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Auction: Awakening Volume 1 and Signed Print

Do you like zombies? Do you like noir? Do you, perhaps, like both, possibly in awesome graphic novel format? Then this might be the auction for you. I have up for bid my spare copy of Awakening Volume 1 and a print of artwork from the book signed by the artist. I got this at Baltimore Comic Con 2009 along with the print, so it is in brand new condition, though the print is very slightly damaged on the edges from being kept inside the book. It's a pretty cool story, really, so if you're at all interested in unusual approaches to zombie stories and noir storytelling, it's worth a look.

These will be shipped for free via Priority Mail in the US or Priority Mail International outside of it.

Auction ends January 15.

Starting bid for this auction is $5.
Tags: books, comics, signed

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