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Quick Check-in

I had my left-eye surgery today - obviously I am pretty much still in drowsy groggy recovery stage, and also the eye buuuurrrrrnnnnsss, precious, it BUUURRRRSSSSS. BUT! after a good night's sleep I will go tomorrow morning for my post-op, and they will check to see that everything's healthy, and I am sure it will be so (because the buuurrrrnnning is normal after the procedure; it hurts, but it's not worrisome, is what I'm saying). Anyway!

So that's the brief news on the surgery, although my doctor also tells me he is sending me a photo he took during the procedure (!) where the yellow of the riboflavin and the blue of the UV light were giving me a glowing green eye, suitable for convincing onlookers of superhero powers. So if I receive THAT in email...I may just post it here, if it's not too scary. Hah!

In other news, my college roommate has offered to donate a hand-knitted scarf for auction, so I will be posting that for her shortly. Bless! :) It sounds like a lovely scarf.

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