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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

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Knitted goods of your choosing
tinyplasticmeat wrote in foresthouseeyes
Do you want a "cunning hat" like Jayne's? Or your very own TARDIS socks? You can have one (or a pair...)!

I knit! And I will gladly knit for YOU. Hats or scarves...if the bidding goes high enough I will do socks or gloves as well, if requested. Or more than one hat, etc. Shipping in the US is included; if an international bidder wins I do request that you pay for shipping. Please allow at least 2 weeks for items to arrive, longer for socks/gloves. I will keep in touch with the winner!

Please tell me your requested item, the color(s) you want, and if you have a certain pattern in mind. Also, if you want it to be machine-washable, are allergic to wool, etc.

Here are a few examples for your perusal. PLEASE NOTE: All of these items are already gone; I can make you a copy if you love something or custom design something for you.

Gloves - Real gloves, fingerless gloves, mittens, gauntlets with no fingers, whatever!
The gloves I made for the Saving Snow's Sanity charity drive, worn by the happy recipient.

Hats - with or without extra colorwork pictures, ears, earflaps, patterns a-plenty...the possibilities are endless.
A simple kitty-eared hat.

Nemo and shark-eating-your-head hats. Grumpy child not included.

Colorwork hat with earflaps and long ties.

Reversible beanie. I can do any kind of image on there; it will be exactly reversed on the other side and double-thick for extra warmth.

Socks - Made to fit your feet. Loads of options including the TARDIS socks mentioned above...I did not make those but I can make you some that are the exact same!

Simple chevron pattern in color-changing yarn.

Weaving ribs pattern. Kitty not included (the shipping would eat your bank account!)

Bidding starts at $15 for one hat or one scarf.
>$40 = 2 hats OR 2 scarves OR 1 of each OR 1 pair socks OR 1 pair gloves
>$60 = 3 hats OR 3 scarves OR 2 pair socks OR 2 pair gloves OR some combination of all of them. Or a baby sweater or something. WHAT YOU WANT.
If it goes higher, I can discuss further with the winning bidder.

Bidding ends January 15 at noon.

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I bid $20. If I'm not already outbid before I even post this.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
This auction has now ended. You are the winner! Please follow the payment instructions I posted today/ in the auction community's user profile.

This auction is now paid. :) By an Aussie, I think. ;)

random question: would any of these be made out of cotton?

They can be! If you have a wool allergy (or just don't like it) I have tons of cotton and microfiber yarns which are very soft to wear next to the skin.

Where is that reversible beanie pattern from? I kind of adore it. (Also, your knitting is so nice that I'm seriously tempted to bid here and send you some of my own yarn to work with; my project queue is a sad, sad thing.)

I made up the pattern. A friend asked for a reversible beanie with a star on it. Its double knitted so is super warm. I can sen you te chart if you like.

I would also be happy to knit with yarn of your choosing if you provide it ;)

Also, I agree that the reversible beanie is adorable!

You have to reply to the previous bid or you may not get counted...don't be left behind! ;)

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