StormChild (outinthestorm) wrote in foresthouseeyes,

Auction: Hand-Made (Wizard of Oz style) Winged Monkey Plushie

I had been wondering what I could offer up for Auction, and I have just finished making a plush monkey for my little boy, and realised the potential.

So, I am offering a hand-made winged monkey plushie, complete with little hat and vest, to be sewn up for the winner.

These are pictures of the monkey I have just finished making:

Please note: it was my first time making this monkey - your will be a lot better!

The monkey I will be making will be based on the same pattern ("Mitch the Monkey" from Funky Friends Factory), but in blue plush, with added wings and accessories, to look like this:

The finished piece will be about 12cm high when sitting (which is what, just over 4.5 inches?), but if this auction goes over $100, I will make it double the size.

Auction closes: November 5th

It will take me a little time to complete the monkey, but I will have it shipped before Christmas. I will cover the shipping costs here in Australia, but for shipping to the US or anywhere else, please PM me and I'll work out the cost.

Bidding starts at $20.

Any questions, please PM me!
Tags: animal, crafts, end date: november 5, fandom, handmade, plush, wizard of oz
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