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Sarah: Nice Hair, Clever, Has Her Own Gun

Auction: Cross Stitched Item (#2)

I've been thinking about it, and finally decided to auction off another cross-stitched item.

For this lot I have a pattern that I have already bought (pic below) that I will stitch and have framed for you. Shipping is free. It will take about a month or so to complete, so expect it to be shipped sometime after that.

Here's a sample picture of the pattern:


This is a Calico Crossroads Kats by Kelly pattern entitled "One... Two... Three...". I would be willing to make some simple alterations to the pattern if you wanted. Like color or title. If you win the auction please just let me know.

Bidding Starts At: $6
Bidding Ends On: November 5th
Questions: Feel free to message me on LJ or email me at:
Other Lot: I have a larger, customizable piece up for auction here.
Tags: crafts, cross stitch, end date: november 5, handmade

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