January 30th, 2011

trixie cheer


Hey everyone! Guess what? As mentioned before, thanks to these auctions and to donations, I am *very close* to having the full amount I need to cover my eye surgeries and medical expenses!! As Deadpool would say, "Well, blow my mind!" I am just so amazed and touched that so many people have come forward to help me in this difficult time that I barely know what to say. Except of course, for thank you; and that this is fantastic and amazing and, and, and -- I don't even know. WONDERFUL!!! STELLAR!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! :D

However, as I also mentioned, I have just one more bill that needs covering, so this final auction piece is being offered to close out the auction and hopefully take care of that as well. Not only is it an awesome item, but it seems somehow fitting to end with this, given its provenance.

And now, without further ado...


You might remember comic book artist John K. Snyder III from the wonderful Sandman sketch he donated for the last round of auctions.

Of course, you might also recognize his work from Green Lantern or Dr. Mid-nite, or recent comic book pieces such as IDW's A-Team comic covers, or possibly some of Dynamite's Zorro covers. He's also currently doing covers for IDW's Infestation and is working on the graphic adaptation of Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes.

Well, guess what else he's just been working on? An original sketch of DC Comics' Black Canary, which he's now offering as the final fantastic auction piece to close out this amazing charity effort! Why Black Canary? Well, because she's awesome! Of course, it may also perhaps be because last Halloween, I happened to tell John that I was going to dress up as Black Canary, and John happened to think Black Canary would be a pretty neat thing to draw for the auctions. :) And so now, we have this piece - inspired by my Halloween couture this past October:

Collapse )

- The sketch is Prismacolor pencil on Canson paper, and measures roughly 10.5" x 16".

- Bidding starts at $75.

- This auction will end on Sunday, February 6 at 4 pm, EST.


So; if you're a fan of the Canary, as I am, or, you know, you just like cool art, then this is the piece for you!! Go for it! :)