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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

Payments, ETC.
doctoraicha wrote in foresthouseeyes
Hey guys we are coming to the end of this round, more or less (HI AWESOME DEADPOOL SKETCH OMG)

We're up to almost $800 in this round. I have a pile of goodies earmarked for the February auction.... PLEASE, remember to help spread the word!!


---First, send paypal directly to emilyesse(at) gmail(dot) com as a GIFT.
---Then, either 1. Forward the receipt or 2. a screencap of the receipt to me at foresthouseeyes (at) yahoo (dot) com.
---MAKE SURE you notate which auction you are paying for with this donation. If it's more than one, please list them (no need to make individual donations - fee free to group, but make sure you note what it's for).
---Finally, make sure there is a valid email address that you actually check included with your email (if you don't check the one you use for paypal, like me).
---I will post in the auction thread that the auction is paid.
---Please contact each other via DM or email to work out details.