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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

Another Shameless plug
Book Love
restlessdreams7 wrote in foresthouseeyes
Need a new scarf? Bid here.

Do you like tiny things, or beaded things Bid here. Also I didn't think of this before but I can add the tiny beaded things to other stuff, Like magnets.

Auction: Deadpool Sketch by Marvel Comics Artist Reilly Brown
trixie cheer
foresthouse wrote in foresthouseeyes
Hey everyone! One of my favorite comic book (and Deadpool) artists, the awesome Reilly Brown (@Reilly_Brown on Twitter), has been kind enough to donate a sketch to the auction, but doesn't have a LiveJournal; so I'm posting this for him:


Deadpool sketch by Deadpool artist and writer Reilly Brown, best known for his work on Marvel's Cable & Deadpool series, and on New Warriors, Marvel Apes and Incredible Hercules and Prince of Power. Reilly has most recently been working on Amazing Spider-man and Marvel Adventures Superheroes. [Note: You can check out a lot of his work at his DeviantArt page.]

This is a stellar piece you wouldn't want to miss out on!

The piece is 11 x 14 inches, on Strathmore Bristol board.

Bidding starts at $80.
Auction ends: January 20, Noon EST.