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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

Auction: Baby Jayne hat & Pennyblossom
bones - baby!!!!!
brightcupenny wrote in foresthouseeyes
I am offering two items for auction!

1) One (1) Baby Jayne hat-- it's a Jayne hat, except sized for a baby and made out of bright shades of comfy, washable cotton. Makes a great gift for your geek friends' babies! Here are a few pictures of happy babies in their hats:

HPIM1951 . 9318_562963793888_710188_32855524_7482589_n . 165112_604448797608_705381_34079333_8042155_n

Opening bid: $15
Shipping: Free, worldwide
Ships by: 1/31/11

2) One (1) Pennyblossom hairclip, as seen in The Big Bang Theory episode 2x18, "The Work Song Nanocluster." My clips are as accurate as I can possibly make them to the ones on the Pennyblossom website that the show put up. Here's a close-up example, and what they look like in your hair, for scale:

purpleamethyst_closeup . IMG_6472

Many, many more pictures are available here.

You choose the flower color, rhinestone color, and clip style!
Flower colors: hot pink, pink, purple, yellow, red, white
Rhinestone colors: crystal, rose, amethyst, orange, yellow, red, or really anything you want (I have some other shades of pink and purple, plus some blues and greens)
Clip style: alligator clip or French barrette.

Opening Bid: $5
Shipping: Free, worldwide.
Ships by: 1/21/11

Shameless knitting plug
tinyplasticmeat wrote in foresthouseeyes
Bid on knitted goodness!

I will be posting another auction for the February end date for those who still want knitted goodies. I'm thinking of making it a 2-parter since there seem to be so many who want them...if you guys are willing to wait a little longer to get the goods, I can make more of them! And that in turn means Emily will have a little more cash to help her surgery fund.