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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

Auction UPDATE
doctoraicha wrote in foresthouseeyes
Hey guys,

We are not getting a whole lot of traffic through here right now. We've got less than 20 items in the January sale, and about $300 worth of bids - that's not much, considering. I'd love to ge a few more items posted on Monday if possible, but more to the point there's lots of items with NO BIDS or only one bid, and some super awesome items going for UNHEARD OF prices...

So please! Link to the auctions on your LJs and Facebooks. Huge Dr Who fan? we've got books, scarves, and dolls - tell your friends.

Love knitted things? Cakes? Cute little teeny things? Link them! Advertise! If you can't buy, please help spread the word.

And as always, you can follow directions in the user profile to donate directly. Forest house has almost $6500 in bills to pay for this surgery. Save the eyes!