October 29th, 2010


Auction: Hand-Made (Wizard of Oz style) Winged Monkey Plushie

I had been wondering what I could offer up for Auction, and I have just finished making a plush monkey for my little boy, and realised the potential.

So, I am offering a hand-made winged monkey plushie, complete with little hat and vest, to be sewn up for the winner.

These are pictures of the monkey I have just finished making:

Please note: it was my first time making this monkey - your will be a lot better!

The monkey I will be making will be based on the same pattern ("Mitch the Monkey" from Funky Friends Factory), but in blue plush, with added wings and accessories, to look like this:

The finished piece will be about 12cm high when sitting (which is what, just over 4.5 inches?), but if this auction goes over $100, I will make it double the size.

Auction closes: November 5th

It will take me a little time to complete the monkey, but I will have it shipped before Christmas. I will cover the shipping costs here in Australia, but for shipping to the US or anywhere else, please PM me and I'll work out the cost.

Bidding starts at $20.

Any questions, please PM me!

Serious business

Ok, guys, we're coming to a large wave of auctions ending.

This is serious business, now!

Sellers: Please don't close your auctions. I will post on each auction, and comment to the winner. In you close early because you didn't see or forgot that auctions end at noon EST, it causes great confusion on my part on on the bidders' parts.

Bidders: after NOON EASTERN TIME USA, do not bid any more on an auction slated to end that day.

Winners: Please, please, please wait for me to comment to you that you are the winner. Then, follow the user profile directions for forwarding your payment confirmation to me. I know many of you know your seller, but I need to be able to keep track of who has paid and which sellers have been notofied. If you don't follow the directions I won't know if you contacted privately OR just absconded without paying. I won't know whether the seller knows already (put that in your email to me, if you like!)

Serious business is serious. The next couple of days are going to be HUGE days for auctions ended, and it's going to be a lot of work for me. Please don't complicate it by ignoring the instructions.

ALL auctions....

Please remember that ALL AUCTIONS end at noon eastern time USA.

Individual sellers may have posted incorrect times in their auctions, and I will close them on a case by case basis.