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Sandman Sketch by Artist John K. Snyder III!

Hi everyone,

My wonderful and amazing artist friend John K. Snyder III has just sent me a scan of an original piece he is donating to this auction, bless him. And it is amazing!

You might recognize John's work from Green Lantern or Dr. Mid-nite, or more recent comic book pieces such as IDW's A-Team comic covers, or possibly some of Dynamite's Zorro covers. He's also currently doing covers for IDW's Infestation and is working on the graphic adaptation of Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes (which is just GORGEOUS stuff, for real).

For this auction, John is offering up an original Sandman sketch! His description:

Sandman color sketch by John K Snyder III
Morpheus Perched on the Stoop of Eternity
8 X 11 inches on canson paper, prismacolor pencil, ink wash, and paint

Starting bid $20.00, shipping $5.00

Ending midnight, October 30th (Sat night).

John will ship the sketch directly to the winning bidder, so I will put you in touch with him when the time comes.


And again, so, so many thanks to everyone who's donated to this auction or is bidding on items. There aren't words enough to express how grateful I am. <3

ETA: Oops, sorry guys - looks like the sketch was getting cut off? Can it all be seen now? Hope so!
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