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Charity Auctions for Forest House's Eye Surgery

Sticky Post
foresthouse has scheduled her left eye surgery for December 29. That means it's time for another round of auctions! We need to raise about $4000. We have a couple of months to do it. We are going to have one round of auctions that end on January 15, one on February 15, etc.

Please note that ALL auctions end at noon eastern time and ALL auctions will end on January 15. This will make it a lot less complicated for me to track. I will close all auctions, too.

Plese check out the Community's user profile before posting auctions or bidding. If you'd like to donate directly, there's information in there for that as well.

If you can't donate or bid, please spread the word!

Thanks, guys!

trixie cheer
Hey everyone! Guess what? As mentioned before, thanks to these auctions and to donations, I am *very close* to having the full amount I need to cover my eye surgeries and medical expenses!! As Deadpool would say, "Well, blow my mind!" I am just so amazed and touched that so many people have come forward to help me in this difficult time that I barely know what to say. Except of course, for thank you; and that this is fantastic and amazing and, and, and -- I don't even know. WONDERFUL!!! STELLAR!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! :D

However, as I also mentioned, I have just one more bill that needs covering, so this final auction piece is being offered to close out the auction and hopefully take care of that as well. Not only is it an awesome item, but it seems somehow fitting to end with this, given its provenance.

And now, without further ado...


You might remember comic book artist John K. Snyder III from the wonderful Sandman sketch he donated for the last round of auctions.

Of course, you might also recognize his work from Green Lantern or Dr. Mid-nite, or recent comic book pieces such as IDW's A-Team comic covers, or possibly some of Dynamite's Zorro covers. He's also currently doing covers for IDW's Infestation and is working on the graphic adaptation of Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes.

Well, guess what else he's just been working on? An original sketch of DC Comics' Black Canary, which he's now offering as the final fantastic auction piece to close out this amazing charity effort! Why Black Canary? Well, because she's awesome! Of course, it may also perhaps be because last Halloween, I happened to tell John that I was going to dress up as Black Canary, and John happened to think Black Canary would be a pretty neat thing to draw for the auctions. :) And so now, we have this piece - inspired by my Halloween couture this past October:

Close-ups under the cutCollapse )

- The sketch is Prismacolor pencil on Canson paper, and measures roughly 10.5" x 16".

- Bidding starts at $75.

- This auction will end on Sunday, February 6 at 4 pm, EST.


So; if you're a fan of the Canary, as I am, or, you know, you just like cool art, then this is the piece for you!! Go for it! :)

The Amazing Power of Kind People Working Together
trixie cheer
Hi everyone!

So you may have noticed that the dedicated and wonderful doctoraicha had posted a few days ago asking people to hold off on posting new items for a bit. The reason for this is that, as I am ECSTATIC to report, thanks to both the most recent auctions and some very generous donations, we have ALMOST REACHED THE ESTIMATED TOTAL COST OF MY SURGERIES AND RELATED MEDICAL EXPENSES!!!!! It's completely and utterly amazing!! I don't even know how to process it! Really!! I am kind of in shock, but SOOOOO happy and VERY touched. EVERYONE, YOU ARE AWESOME.

I do, in fact, have one bill that still needs to be covered (it *just* came in, despite the fact that it was from my very first consultation at the Wilmer Institute, as it had to be processed by insurance even though they (as expected) didn't cover it). BUT I also have one auction item that has been offered to me, that *may* raise about enough to cover that cost. And since I don't want to take anyone's money once the medical expenses have been covered, I figured I'd see if we could try wrapping up the auction with this one last piece, which is to be another original work by a comic book artist. :) I think or hope that it will raise enough to just about cover this final bill and the remainder of any expenses.

Therefore, please STAY TUNED for this (possibly) last item, and also for a medical update fairly soon if you're interested in what the results of the doctor's appointment I will be having this coming Monday will be. This will be a 3-month checkup for the right eye, and the 1-month checkup for the left, and I am hopeful of more good news from the docs!

As always, SO many thanks to everyone who has been involved in this generous effort to help me thus far, and do stay tuned for more very shortly!


Please do not post...
Hey guys, please do not post any new items until you hear from us as to the new totals...

Payments, ETC.
Hey guys we are coming to the end of this round, more or less (HI AWESOME DEADPOOL SKETCH OMG)

We're up to almost $800 in this round. I have a pile of goodies earmarked for the February auction.... PLEASE, remember to help spread the word!!


---First, send paypal directly to emilyesse(at) gmail(dot) com as a GIFT.
---Then, either 1. Forward the receipt or 2. a screencap of the receipt to me at foresthouseeyes (at) yahoo (dot) com.
---MAKE SURE you notate which auction you are paying for with this donation. If it's more than one, please list them (no need to make individual donations - fee free to group, but make sure you note what it's for).
---Finally, make sure there is a valid email address that you actually check included with your email (if you don't check the one you use for paypal, like me).
---I will post in the auction thread that the auction is paid.
---Please contact each other via DM or email to work out details.

Auction: Deadpool Sketch by Marvel Comics Artist Reilly Brown
trixie cheer
Hey everyone! One of my favorite comic book (and Deadpool) artists, the awesome Reilly Brown (@Reilly_Brown on Twitter), has been kind enough to donate a sketch to the auction, but doesn't have a LiveJournal; so I'm posting this for him:


Deadpool sketch by Deadpool artist and writer Reilly Brown, best known for his work on Marvel's Cable & Deadpool series, and on New Warriors, Marvel Apes and Incredible Hercules and Prince of Power. Reilly has most recently been working on Amazing Spider-man and Marvel Adventures Superheroes. [Note: You can check out a lot of his work at his DeviantArt page.]

This is a stellar piece you wouldn't want to miss out on!

The piece is 11 x 14 inches, on Strathmore Bristol board.

Bidding starts at $80.
Auction ends: January 20, Noon EST.


Another Shameless plug
Book Love
Need a new scarf? Bid here.

Do you like tiny things, or beaded things Bid here. Also I didn't think of this before but I can add the tiny beaded things to other stuff, Like magnets.

Auction: Baby Jayne hat & Pennyblossom
bones - baby!!!!!
I am offering two items for auction!

1) One (1) Baby Jayne hat-- it's a Jayne hat, except sized for a baby and made out of bright shades of comfy, washable cotton. Makes a great gift for your geek friends' babies! Here are a few pictures of happy babies in their hats:

HPIM1951 . 9318_562963793888_710188_32855524_7482589_n . 165112_604448797608_705381_34079333_8042155_n

Opening bid: $15
Shipping: Free, worldwide
Ships by: 1/31/11

2) One (1) Pennyblossom hairclip, as seen in The Big Bang Theory episode 2x18, "The Work Song Nanocluster." My clips are as accurate as I can possibly make them to the ones on the Pennyblossom website that the show put up. Here's a close-up example, and what they look like in your hair, for scale:

purpleamethyst_closeup . IMG_6472

Many, many more pictures are available here.

You choose the flower color, rhinestone color, and clip style!
Flower colors: hot pink, pink, purple, yellow, red, white
Rhinestone colors: crystal, rose, amethyst, orange, yellow, red, or really anything you want (I have some other shades of pink and purple, plus some blues and greens)
Clip style: alligator clip or French barrette.

Opening Bid: $5
Shipping: Free, worldwide.
Ships by: 1/21/11

Shameless knitting plug
Bid on knitted goodness!

I will be posting another auction for the February end date for those who still want knitted goodies. I'm thinking of making it a 2-parter since there seem to be so many who want them...if you guys are willing to wait a little longer to get the goods, I can make more of them! And that in turn means Emily will have a little more cash to help her surgery fund.

K-9 Plushie, Tardis bag or Aussie care package
DW: Northern accent
Hello there! I'm new here, and I'll put these up for the January 15th auction.

1) A K-9 plushie made by me. Handsewn, felt and paint. Cat not included.
Starts at $15 postage paid by me

2) A TARDIS carry/computer bag. Fully lined with 2 interior pockets and button closure. Hand appliqued/painted TARDIS. Can be made to measure for your laptop.
Starts at $15 postage paid by me

3) A care package from Australia. Yes, Australia. With local candy, postcards, plush aussie animal toy and other surprises! Will fit 1 kilo worth of stuff into a box and send.
Starts at $20 postage paid by me

Auction UPDATE
Hey guys,

We are not getting a whole lot of traffic through here right now. We've got less than 20 items in the January sale, and about $300 worth of bids - that's not much, considering. I'd love to ge a few more items posted on Monday if possible, but more to the point there's lots of items with NO BIDS or only one bid, and some super awesome items going for UNHEARD OF prices...

So please! Link to the auctions on your LJs and Facebooks. Huge Dr Who fan? we've got books, scarves, and dolls - tell your friends.

Love knitted things? Cakes? Cute little teeny things? Link them! Advertise! If you can't buy, please help spread the word.

And as always, you can follow directions in the user profile to donate directly. Forest house has almost $6500 in bills to pay for this surgery. Save the eyes!

Keratoconus Update the Eleventh: The Way I See Things / Small Miracles
trixie cheer
Because it is relevant to the interests of this community :) I thought I'd post a link to my latest LJ post:

Keratoconus Update the Eleventh: The Way I See Things / Small Miracles


Auction: Fleece Adipose doll from Doctor Who
This is a picture of the fleece adipose doll I sewed for my daughter. If you are the winner of this auction, I will create a new one just for you. It will be approximately 8 1/2 inches high. To sweeten the deal, I will throw in my paperback copy of Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It.

This auction ends January 15.

Starting bid is $5. I will cover shipping.

Auction: New Worlds SF magazine, #156 November 1965
 Another old magazine from the back of my cupboard. Featuring James Colvin's the Wrecks of Time, Langdon Jones The Music Makers and Richard Gordon's Time's Fool.

Oh, and I nearly forgot - Night Dweller, the second ever publication by the teenage (now non-teenage Professor Sir) Terry Pratchett (OBE). It's sci-fi, and doesn't link to any of his subsequent writings (so far, anyway!)

I don't think this has ever been included in an anthology, so this is the only place to read it.

As an avid collector and hoarder, I have more than one copy of this issue. None is "perfect", all have some minor creases or dings but the copy I will ship is the one I judge to be in best condition of the lot; It has a minor "rub" at the middle of the bottom edge of the front cover but if you would prefer a crease to the cover or a small tear to the bottom of the spine, just speak up!

I will ship anywhere in the world at my expense.

Bidding closes on January 15th.

Auction: Doctor Who novels
Two brand new, never opened Doctor Who hardback novels - Sting of the Zygons and The Krillitane Storm. Featuring Frowny Ten and ~Magic Hand~ Ten. 

Bidding starts at $10. I will pay for shipping. 

Auction ends January 15.

(no subject)
It's the New Year and it's time to get started on this auction FOR REAL, YO!

Thanks so much to the people who have posted items thus far for the January sale. Don't forget when posting to indicate January/ February/ etc.

I'm posting to ask that you PLEASE help raise awareness of the auctions: please post on your LJs, your Facebooks, and your Twitters and get more people over here. We need more donations and more bidders. :)

Auction: Tiny beaded things
Book Love
I will make you your choice of Ten Tiny Beaded Things (what I don't know what else to call them.)

Pictured 1 Mermaids 2 dragonfly 3 Lizard, Starfish, baby tree frog, bumblebee.
Not pictured (because I don't have any examples lying around) Butterfly, Damselfly (which is like the butterfly but with the tail of a dragonfly).Jewel bug (which has wings that are beaded separately then attached.). Large tree frog, and a Fish.
In your choice of colors (the only part that might be hard to customize is the mermaids skin color since so far I've only been able to find bead in white that will work for the head, but I can try to find other colors. No guarantee though).

Auction ends January 15.

Starting bid $5. I will cover shipping.

Your Tiny Beaded Things will be completed by  February 15.

Auction: Handmade Scarf
Book Love
I will make you a hand crocheted scarf. in your choice of colors.
Also in you choice of sizes, as the pink and purple one, pictured above is longer and skinnier than your standard scarf.

Auction ends January 15.

Starting bid $10. I will cover shipping.

Your scarf will be completed by February 15.

Auction: Awakening Volume 1 and Signed Print
Dresden Files
Do you like zombies? Do you like noir? Do you, perhaps, like both, possibly in awesome graphic novel format? Then this might be the auction for you. I have up for bid my spare copy of Awakening Volume 1 and a print of artwork from the book signed by the artist. I got this at Baltimore Comic Con 2009 along with the print, so it is in brand new condition, though the print is very slightly damaged on the edges from being kept inside the book. It's a pretty cool story, really, so if you're at all interested in unusual approaches to zombie stories and noir storytelling, it's worth a look.

These will be shipped for free via Priority Mail in the US or Priority Mail International outside of it.

Auction ends January 15.

Starting bid for this auction is $5.

Auction: homemade quilt
Up for auction is one full-size homemade quilt.

This is a "scrap" block quilt, made from fabrics I already have, which are leftovers from other projects. I can't promise color choices, but if you HATE green (just for example), I can try to leave it out.

Materials will be cheap for this one, but will still cost something, and shipping isn't cheap. bidding starts at $50, which includes domestic (US) shipping.

Ends January 15, and should be done by February 15.

"Lagoon" Blue Hand-Knitted Scarf
trixie friend
As donated by the lovely Christiane, my awesome roommate from college:

A hand-knitted scarf in the color "Lagoon."

Here are a couple of swatches:


She tells me that she made one for herself a couple of years ago and that it is warm and soft. :)

She is working on knitting this one right now, but will send me a photo to post when it's finished.

So there it is! Sounds great to me! :)


- Starting bid: $10

- Free shipping, but within USA ONLY

- Auction closes: Jan. 15



Here is a pic of the finished scarf. It looks lovely! (And snuggly.) :)